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Do you ever fear waking up in five, ten, or twenty years disappointed by all the things you didn’t do because you were terrified to fail?

Say Yes to your YES is a journey that starts with a single word: “YES!”.

On this path lined with affirmation, encouragement and wisdom, author Jennifer Jane Young invites you to say yes to your intuition; to give yourself permission to take leaps towards the life you’ve been dreaming of, outgrowing who you have been, and honouring who you have always known you could become.

This book is for you if you are ready to step outside your comfort zone and take imperfect action, knowing that you don’t have to have it all figured out!

Leaning into intuition can come in many forms, and in this book, you are invited to use your intuition as a compass - in business and in life - to create gentle transformation, deeper alignment, and a more fulfilling life.

Once you have connected with your intuition, there is no limit to where your path can lead you.

Unlock deeper harmony, flow, and sustainable success, with your next “YES!”.

“I read “Say Yes To Your Yes” in one sitting - I could not put it down! It was both engaging and informative. I learned what intuition is exactly and how I could access it. Most important for me was its positive and hopeful tone throughout: no matter how confusing and messy my life gets, I know now that courageously following the guidance of my intuition will make things better."

-Maria Amore

“Jenn’s special blend of courage, support, and creativity is something you want in your corner. Reading this book is like having her right over your shoulder helping you move towards the life of your dreams.”

-Wade Bruffey

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Introduction to Intuitive Leadership Course

INCLUDES: A digital copy of the Say Yes to Your Yes Book.

In this course 12 week course, you will learn how to listen to, trust and take action on your intuitive guidance, how to better understand the language of your intuition and define the difference between intuitive driven action and ego driven action.

You will discover the ideal inner environment that is required to access the powerful wisdom that is living inside of you all the time, trying to guide you forward to what is most aligned for you and what will lead you to the most success and fulfilment.

You will leave with practical guidance on how to nurture that ideal inner environment and how to take imperfect action on what feels right inside of you and bypass the fear and limited thinking that keeps us stuck in the same ruts for so long.

There are 5 modules to this course:

✨ Course Introduction

✨ What is intuition and how does it work

✨ How the nervous system and the brain impact intuition

✨ How energy impacts intuition

✨ Ego VS Intuition: How to get unstuck and access a flow state

Following the first week of course modules delivered daily to your inbox, you will continue to receive weekly Intuitive Lessons and Guided Meditations for a total of 12 weeks.

About The Author

Jennifer Jane Young is a Canadian speaker, author, and Intuitive Leadership advisor to entrepreneurs and business leaders around the world.

Since 2011, Jenn’s leadership roles have spanned several continents, from leading a community of 5,000 entrepreneurs for the International Trade Centre as a United Nations Consultant to advising startups and multi-million dollar businesses.

Jenn is the Founder of the School of Intuitive Leadership, a hub and online community where heart-centred, impact-driven entrepreneurs learn to embrace their intuitive wisdom, experiencing deeper transformation, alignment, and growth in their path towards success.

Through her workshops, talks, and her signature podcast, “Finding your Flow”, Jenn has helped global entrepreneurs change the paradigm in how they lead their business, transforming lives in the process.

Today, Jenn is living her dream life between Mexico and the Canadian countryside, with her two rescue dogs Bailey and Johnny.

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